Stonebax focuses on quality at all stages of production. So, it renders the same value to the timely delivery of final products. We have a very effective transportation and shipping system, which ensures that all the deliveries happen on time. We always try to follow the on-schedule completion of deliveries, so as to ensure customer satisfaction. Our stone delivery process is quite transparent and safe, and it also reaches your native port on time.

We always keep a stock of fresh stones, so that we never get short of the same for manufacturing. Deliveries of raw materials, as well as finished products, are to be made on time at Stonebax. Our delivery partners offer prompt service and have done timely deliveries in the past even to the job sites that are nearly inaccessible.

Proper care and maintenance of machinery prevent unexpected breakdowns during the manufacturing process. We have an adequate backup power system and machines that ensure uninterrupted manufacturing in case of a power outage or machinery breakdown.

At Stonebax, we make sure that from production to delivery everything happens within a specified frame of time. We are capable of exporting and delivering natural stone products in all parts of the world with a continued focus on timely and hassle-free delivery.